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About SRCF

Why Starved Rock CrossFit?

We offer simple membership options that make it as easy as “sign in, work out, be happy.” With workouts you’ll actually enjoy and look forward to (nothing is as stress-relieving as a good sweat session, you’ll see). And a positive vibe that’s naturally ego-free and 100% supportive, because the hardest thing about your workout should be the WORKOUT, not competitive meatheads that kill your mojo.

And our community, well, our people are our shining star. The folks that sweat with us come from every walk of life in every age, shape, size, and ability. These supportive athletes are high-five fanatics who encourage each other through the toughest WODs. Friends who sweat together, stay together.

Our Team

Starved Rock State Park

Bridget & Rob Lindgren

Bridget & Rob reside in Peru with their children. Bridget has been doing CrossFit for 4 years. It started as a way to get into shape, but turned into a hobby and passion. She is a CrossFit L1 Trainer, has a Gymnastics certificate, a CrossFit Judge Certificate, has completed the CrossFit Scaling Course, CrossFit Spot the Flaw course & CrossFit Running Course. The CrossFit community is what has turned her passion for this sport into something her whole family participates in. 

Rob started CrossFit 3 years ago.  Following years of private club management in Chicago, Rob is pursuing his interest in nutrition and healthy eating by opening a Farm to Table restaurant in Peru called Thyme Craft Kitchen.

I & M Canal

Andy Jalley

 Andy is from LaSalle,  attended LP High School, received his associate from IVCC, and his bachelors from NIU.  Andy currently works as an accountant for a local manufacturer.  His sister talked him into CrossFit in October of 2017, and that changed his life forever.  Gyms he had been going to didn’t provide the training he needed.  The machines weren’t built for someone his size.  He got bored on a treadmill, and free weights scared him.  Since joining CrossFit he has become a healthier and happier person!  He has learned about his body and what he needs to do to take care of it.   

Starved Rock State Park

Kristen Eustis

 Kristen started her CrossFit journey in February of 2016 mainly to see what it was all about.  She learned about CrossFit from a gentleman at a conference she was attending for work.  Kristen had just started running within the last year and he suggested it as a good supplement to her training.  A few months later she saw a "Wine and WOD" that was being sponsored by the local box, so she went to check it out.  Kristen started off slowly and then in December 2016 she got hooked and started an unlimited membership.  She was training for her first full marathon in Chicago in October 2017 and used CrossFit to help build up her endurance, both physical and mental.  The constantly varied workouts have helped make her a better overall athlete.  CrossFit is truly a lifestyle that has helped teach her how to eat better and has improved her quality of life.   

New to CrossFit?

I am nervous about joining, what should my first step be?

 Don’t be nervous! While CrossFit can be intimidating for beginners, we assure you there is nothing to worry about! There are a few ways you can get started. 

Join us for a Fundamentals Course with one of our trainers. During this course, you will receive 4 one-on-one training sessions (2 per week) followed by 2 weeks of regular group classes. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

What is CrossFit?

 CrossFit incorporates aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, metabolic conditioning and body weight exercises performed at high intensity over short duration. Our workouts are developed to be adaptable and scalable to all fitness levels. No matter who you are, no matter what your current fitness level, CrossFit will help you reach the next level. 

What if I have a medical condition or injury?

 Like any exercise program consult with your doctor first BEFORE starting CrossFit. We also ask that you disclose any medical conditions including injuries, to your coach BEFORE the workout even if it was from a long time ago. This will help us scale the workout appropriately for you. 

Who is CrossFit for?

  CrossFit is for anyone and everyone regardless of age, gender, athletic abilities, or body type. All CrossFit workouts are scalable to fit the needs of the participant.  

Don't Stress - Have Fun!

Starved Rock CrossFit  

makes it our mission to motivate our clients by empowering them with the education and awareness they need to make significant lifestyle changes through regular exercise, bodywork and proper nutritional choices.

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter workout. Our coaches customize every single session based on your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and even how you are feeling on the day of your session. We strive to gain best understanding for who you are & what your body needs.

Building a Fit Community!

Starved Rock CrossFit offers more than just classes, we offer community and a brand new lifestyle. Our program includes nutrition guidance, peer to peer support,  and plenty of non-gym activities. Be surrounded by others who will lift you up and want to see you reach your goals.  Starved Rock CrossFit is like nothing you’ve experienced before.