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Types of Classes

Kettlebells in CrossFit


CrossFit & CrossFit45

CrossFit & CrossFit45

 No experience?  No problem.

We have designed our Fundamentals course to familiarize you with the foundational movements so you can execute them safely and efficiently during our group classes.

In addition to learning movements, you’ll learn basic techniques for improving mobility and flexibility.

Our Fundamentals course is comprised of 4 semi-private sessions with one of our certified CrossFit coaches and 2 weeks of any group class you'd like to try. The course cost for the semi-private training sessions and the 2 weeks of group classes is $100, and these semi-private sessions have designated times on our schedule. 

Upon completion of the Fundamentals course, you may choose to join our group classes.

We welcome you stop in and speak to us about this. Check out our facility, quality programming, and knowledgeable coaching staff firsthand. 


CrossFit & CrossFit45

CrossFit & CrossFit45

CrossFit & CrossFit45

 Once you have completed the Fundamentals course, you are ready to join our group classes.  Please note: Fundamentals are not required if you have  CrossFit experience.

Our group classes are led by one of our skilled coaches and are available Monday through Saturday.  Our CrossFit classes run one full hour & CrossFit45 is for 45 minutes.  Each class will take you through a full-body warm-up, movement instruction, a strength or skill session, and then into the workout of the day (WOD).

Our work-outs consist of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements that have everyday application in real life.  They are designed to provide results in areas that include strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina, cardiovascular, and respiratory endurance.

Whatever your fitness level, we will make sure to match the movement and the weights for you.

Kids CrossFit

Kids & Teens

CrossFit & CrossFit45

Kids & Teens

 CrossFit Kids classes are 45 minute classes. These classes offer completely different programming form other CrossFit classes. It is geared to the ability of the age level that attends. The classes begin with a game, a warm up and end with a workout. We also focus on team work! This is truly about the kids having fun and getting to know new people and learning healthy things they can do for their body. We believe by starting to understand fitness and health early on, kids will be more receptive as they grow older. 

CrossFit Teens classes are 1 hour classes. These classes have similar programming to the adult CrossFit class, however by keeping the teens together we can help develop them in ways that may be specific to their own needs.  

*On schedule as CFK for CrossFit Kids & CFT for CrossFit Teens.